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Cranswick took the decision to specialise within the intelligent warehouse space, and the flagship product Cranswick WMS is the successful culmination of many years developing a generic product that is simple enough to tailor for any variety of configurations, but yet sturdy enough to enforce the exacting rules often required by busy and complex warehousing environments.

The complete solutions not only incorporate the software, but the comprehensive range of components required for a successful implementation, including wireless networking, bar code printing and labelling, scanning (involving various scanning techniques such as voice solutions), and the in-depth knowledge of SYSPRO workings provide for an all-encompassing answer that may be implemented quickly and neatly.

This is a SYSPRO WMS.

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SYSPRO Solutions
SYSPRO Solutions
e.Net Specialists
e.Net Specialists
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Microsoft Professionals
Intelligent Warehousing
Intelligent Warehousing
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Turnkey & Total Solutions
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Friendly People!

A Fresh Look at Warehouse Management

Cranswick WMS

Our Solution

Simple enough to tailor for any variety of configurations, but yet sturdy enough to enforce the exacting rules often required by busy and complex warehousing environments. Read More

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Every aspect of this top class integrated solution brings you closer to your perfect intelligent warehouse.  Read More

Other Integrated Solutions

If you can think it, we can do it. Read More

An introduction to a few of our products

our approach

Rep Commissions

Whilst it is quite common for a company to have complicated sales rep commission rules, we have created a system that should cover all bases and concepts as far as paying sales reps against any invoice lines. Rules may be

Weighbridge Solutions

Cranswick not only communicates between SYSPRO and weighbridge capture software, but there is a fully fledged weighbridge capture module. From this SYSPRO sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders, purchase order receipts etcetera are written. Different versions allow for live automation,

P.O.D. ScanPro

Invoices and other documents are scanned using image recognition software and automatically placed within SYSPRO, providing for a first-rate, cost effective solution.


This is a powerful piece of software which takes any guesswork away from costing overseas purchase orders. Multiple purchase orders may be costed and receipted on a single shipment, and exchange rates, freighters GRV’s, duties, and other factors are taken

Generic Sales Reports

The generic sales reports bridges a gap for the executive SYSPRO users, by empowering them to create powerful sales reports on the fly. There is no need to ask for specialist “Business Intelligence” help or “hard to find” report writing

Web Based Requisition System (WBRS)

WBRS was designed to expand on SYSPRO’s routing functionality, whilst adding additional workflow and posting further transactions to SYSPRO using business objectives and ASP.Net. The system provides for an initial “Request for the Quotation” stage before entering the SYSPRO requisition

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