Cranswick WMS

Cranswick took the decision to specialise within the intelligent warehouse space, and the flagship product Cranswick WMS is the successful culmination of many years developing a generic product that is simple enough to tailor for any variety of configurations, but yet sturdy enough to enforce the exacting rules often required by busy and complex warehousing environments.

The complete solutions not only incorporate the software, but the comprehensive range of components required for a successful implementation, including wireless networking, bar code printing and labelling, scanning (involving various scanning techniques such as voice solutions), and the in-depth knowledge of SYSPRO workings provide for an all-encompassing answer that may be implemented quickly and neatly.

Essentially, as one may glean from the factsheet below, the WMS from Cranswick is very advanced, totally paperless and, via the Dashboard, gives the warehouse manager up to second information as to every aspect of the environment. It is used in BIDVest, Hudaco, Lithotech etc. Moreover, because it only runs on SYSPRO, there are no interface files, no synchronisation routines.  The data is only SYSPRO.

The implementation timescale is very short. A recent case study shows a one month implementation, from start to finish, for a 50 user WMS site. The WMS also caters for expiry dates, lot traceability and serial, elements which may be vital to your business.

Obviously, we would welcome the opportunity of at least showing you the scope of the product so you can evaluate the benefits, especially in terms of immediacy of return of investment through rapid installation and should have such a major effect on staff efficiencies and productivities that labour saving will be substantial.

It is extremely modestly priced and endorsed by SYSPRO, with whom it must be mentioned, Adrian Cranswick has had a relationship with since 1992. We also believe that we have the biggest SYSPRO WMS solution in the world with a single warehouse making use of 80 Cranswick concurrent seats.

With a team of developers, who have intimate development and business knowledge of the product, Cranswick is in a position of strength to support, and, if necessary, make suitable modifications from our Johannesburg base, and support the product (including WAN implementations) nationally.

Cranswick WMS Dashboard Screenshot

WMS Synopsis

  • 100% SYSPRO “live” and no additional server required.
  • Unlimited units of measure and bar codes for singles, boxes and containers per stock code
  • Receiving and putaway
  • Put away is suggested or directed – uncosted putaways and returns
  • GRN by scanner
  • Expiry, weight and volume consideration
  • Picking – Paperless and directed based on bin size, expiry, specialist pickers
  • Pick by order, pick by bulk, 3 levels of pick priority and collections handling
  • Pick from multiple warehouses simultaneously
  • Pick allocation override for exceptional stock codes – Just in time picking
  • Multiple pick algorithms including pick for speed, to clear, by age
  • Pick routes – customizable “snaking” by zone, aisle and row
  • Multi operation by operator based on priority or percentages by function
  • Wave picking – prioritised – based on any possible criteria – linked to trip planner
  • Staging areas by product, customer, delivery type
  • Specialised areas for specific customer or other requirements
  • Scanned checkouts with automated SYSPRO tax invoice creation and print with sophisticated automated printserver
  • Replenishment – based on future sales ship dates and/or minimum stock levels. Forced or suggested
  • Preferred, not allowed, exclusive and shared locations per product
  • Exclusive handling
  • Cross floor
  • Full barcoded lot traceability including practical applications of pallet movement and stock take
  • Stock take including cycle and discrepancy counts, random counting and directional counting
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Bin transfer
  • Stock and bin query
  • Productivity and efficiency comparisons
  • Multiple SYSPRO companies in single physical location
  • Multiple warehouses in single physical location
  • Check outs including specialized handlers
  • Packing labels including customizable detailed packing labels
  • Cyclical count by bin and stock code – adjustment handling
  • All SYSPRO inventory movements on scanner
  • Graphical Dashboard Representation of the warehouse – status showing activity by operator, potential bottlenecks and drill downs
  • Sales order maintenance from management studio and freeze of orders
  • Ties and highs
  • Full location activity control
  • Location types – staging, cages, checkout and overflow areas
  • Despatcher handover to transporter
  • Detailed analysis queries
  • Securities by function and location
  • Reporting
  • Full Audits


  • Load Planning by Haulier and route
  • Plan picks by trip volumetric controls
  • Pickups and redeliveries
  • Debrief of Trip Sheet
  • Integration with SYSPRO RMA module
  • Integration with POD ScanPro (Cranswick – SYSPRO document scanning module)
  • Integration with courier and other tracking software
Jul 2, 2017