• TRIUMPH BOARD Voting RF550 is not only powerful but also one of the most cost effective Interactive Wireless Audience Response Systems on the market.
  • TRIUMPH BOARD Voting RF550 is fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint which makes it simple to use and enriches your presentations and classroom curricula by eliciting comments from the audience and encouraging participation.
  • TRIUMPH BOARD Voting RF550 with LCD display can be used in classrooms, training sessions, workshops, focus groups or corporate meetings.
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  • Quick and simple to use
  • Full integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and control of the slide show by instructor/teacher keypad
  • Intuitive user friendly visual working environment
  • Export to the CVS school / corporate database system
  • 2-way RF 2.4G wireless transmission
  • Single / multiple answer input
  • Alphabet and numeric input
  • Exam marking answer input
  • User ID registration User ID / name mapping
  • Multi-channel
  • Battery life indicated on LCD display
  • Change channel & headset ID via software
  • With TB RF550’s interactive PowerPoint software and the wireless audience remote keypad, real-time feedback can be electronically collected by PC at the click of a button.